Threefold Films Limited are a London based production company specialising in producing Commercial Video, Branded Content and Brand Documentary across a variety of different industries.

Owned and run by producers and directorial team; Tom Fuller and Graham Baird and our trusty teams of freelancers, we've been producing high quality films for large brands since 2007. We pride ourselves and the teams we build on being skilful, easy to work with and flexible to our clients needs. We're comfortable working to very tight deadlines and in unpredictable conditions, whether up a mountain in -10c, filming large multicam PR stunts or a slick studio based promo.

Being at the forefront of new technologies and trying new and innovative techniques allows us to deliver a slick, creative product across a wide variety of areas, whether it's fashion, comedy, PR, viral videos or corporate clients, we will always bring enthusiasm and imagination to your project.

Great video content has become an integral part of any brand strategy and a great way to engage your audience. We are always up for a new challenge and love the variety and creativity in the work we get to produce, it's what gets us going.

We're happy to advise on how to get the best out of your project however large or small, even if you are still very much at the planning stage. We love to be involved in the inception of ideas and the stories as much as the execution of the final product.

Take a look around site and don't hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0)207 613 0962 or drop us an email at