Threefold Films is production company of directorial duo Graham Baird and Tom Fuller. Based in London, UK, we have been directing and producing creative and visually rich video content since 2007.

We provide an efficient bespoke end to end production solution. The people you first speak to on the phone are the very same team you’ll be working with on the shoot and in the edit.

Over the years we’ve built up teams of expert collaborators and so productions can scale from small nimble crews to commercial level shoots. We carefully tailor each team to each job. Because we’re streamlined and we don’t bring anyone we don’t really need to a shot, we can work quickly.

This way we are able provide production values which punch well above a given budget's weight. We like our shoots to be low stress, we find everyone works better this way, so you won’t find big egos floating around.

Variety in our work is what we strive for, and so we’re just as happy up a mountain, or filming out the side of a tuk tuk as we are shooting in a studio or a straightforward talking head.

Have a look around the site, and drop us a line to chat about a project or get a cost.

Call on +44 (0)207 613 0962 and speak to Tom or Graham, or drop us an email at:


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