COVID-19 shoot guidelines

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 Threefold paused operations and have been working from home on projects which do not require shoots to take place.

As the guidance has been updated, we have been preparing to start shooting again. We are following the guidelines for COVID-19 provided by the APA which can be found here (

At Threefold, we have filmed in a huge variety of environments. From large scale food factories with strict hygiene requirements, potentially explosive distilleries, cancer care units, to medical clean rooms. so we are already well versed in complicated health and safety requirements

Below is an outline of the steps we are taking to make Threefold shoots as safe as possible:

General Considerations

  • All our crew will be abiding by the general social distancing rules set out by the government at all times
  • Preproduction will take place remotely to avoid unnecessary journeys
  • Clients will be able to attend shoots via FaceTime / Zoom if needed or preferred to minimise numbers of crew.
  • Location research can be done remotely using location libraries.
  • We will not be utilising public transport to get to and from shoots
  • We will be avoiding sharing hand tools and personal property (mobile phones, pens, walkies etc) - crew will be responsible for the safety and sanitisation of their own items.
  • We will advise on contingency in case any members involved in the production are suddenly unable to attend due to COVID-19
  • Talent on shoots where possible will not be recorded with radio (lapel) mics unless they are able to mic themselves. Boom mics will provide adequate social distancing
  • Talent will do their own hair and makeup / touchups where possible, otherwise we will follow the APA guidance.

In the office

Sanitisation and Hygiene

  • Our office / studio will be sanitised before shoots.
  • Signage throughout Threefold, highlighting social distancing rules, good hygiene practices and advice for those feeling ill.
  • All lighting and equipment will be sanitised after use to be made ready for the next shoot. all sub-hired equipment will be only from reputable hire companies with stringent cleaning protocols in place
  • Threefold common areas will also be sanitised throughout the day concentrating on the most frequently touched areas such as door handles and stair rails.
  • Hand sanitiser will be placed around the studio and everyone in the office will be provided with personal bottles.


  • In accordance with government guidelines, staff will be asked to self-isolate if they have had any symptoms of Covid-19 and not attend work.
  • In our attempt to minimise contact between people throughout the day, assistants will only be visiting Threefold for essential purposes.
  • We have made provisions so that those that can work from home do.
  • We are providing PPE to all staff members.

On Shoots


  • We ask that both client and staff wear PPE at all times in any common areas of a shooting location.
  • We ask that clients provide their own PPE for your shoot, however, we will have spares available if needed.
  • Gloves will be worn for handling all packages.

Social distancing

  • All personnel on shoots and throughout Threefold must follow NHS social distancing guidelines and maintain a 2-metre distance from one another.
  • We already run very small crews, and in line with APA guidance, we’ll be making sure to advise clients on how to achieve shoots with fewer people

Staggered start times and extended hours

  • We will be introducing staggered shoot call times to reduce contact between crews.
  • Upon arrival, each person entering the building or arriving on location will have their temperature taken using a non-contact thermometer
  • We reserve the right to refuse to shoot with to anyone that has a high temperature or related Covid-19 symptoms.

Travel to Threefold

  • We encourage all visitors to Threefold and or shoot locations to avoid public transport if possible.
  • If you do have to use public transport, please try to keep a two-metre distance from other passengers and wear PPE.

Client Responsibilities

  • Reduce client attend numbers to essential personnel only
  • Provide own PPE for crew
  • Certify that clients attending shoots show no symptoms of Covid-19 and indemnify Threefold against any claims if a member of their team becomes ill.
  • All members of the crew are to have read and adhere to the AOP Covid-19 Health Statement provided in advance of your shoot.

If you would like to discuss our plan in more detail or have any suggestions on how we can improve it, then please email

We’re looking forward to shooting with you.

Threefold Films